Ayurvedic Subji in coconut milk with autumn vegetables

27 November 2017

Today I will cook an ayurvedic Subji in coconut milk with autumn vegetables. The dish is vegetarian, super tasty and doesn’t need much preparation and cooking time. The stew is lovely yellow which is making my heart and soul smile. It’s a plate of sunshine against the winter blues. The Subji is yellow because of the turmeric that I am using together with cilantro seeds. Both spices are often used in the ayurvedic cuisine. They are perfect for the winter period as they are anti-inflammatory. Exactly what our immune system needs in the cold times.

A cooked meal grounds you 

In the cold seasons there is a lot of Vata energy around us. The element of the Vata dosha is air and it’s characteristics are windy, cold and dry. A typical winter weather represents Vata. Our doshas are usually balanced. During the dark and cold season it can easily happen that people with a strong Vata dosha get out of balance. The weather is bringing their energy system out of control. It’s time to take care of yourself and bring your Vata energy back in balance. Let us start grounding ourselves so that we don’t feel bad and moody. How can we easily do this? By cooking for ourselves a warm pleasant dish.  

Ingredients for an ayurvedic Subji in coconut milk with autumn vegetables

For this vegetarian stew you need for 2 people: 

2 potatoes 

150g pumpkin or sweet potatoe 

50g peas (if not fresh, frozen) or swiss chard or spinach (something green)  

1 small piece of fine grated ginger and a bit of green chili  

100ml of coconut milk

a bit of ghee or coconut oil or butter 

black (stinky) or normal salt and pepper 

a bit of asafetida (devil’s dung) or garlic

a bit of fresh grated turmeric or 1/2 tsp of powder

 1 tsp of grind cilantro seeds and 1 of cumin 

How to prepare  

  •  cut saisonal vegetables in cubes
  • heat some ghee in a pot. be careful that the ghee doesn’t get too hot. it shouldn’t start smoking
  • start to roast first the cumin and the cilantro seeds for less than 1/2 a minute 
  • next roast the powder for a short time. start with turmeric and add asafetida
  • after that add the ginger and the chili and the vegetable cubes
  • pour 200ml of water over everything and let it cook for 15 minutes (maybe you need to add a bit more water
  • at the end add the green vegetables and cook all together for few minutes
  • finish bei adding the coconut milk and season the dish with salt and pepper
  • serve the vegetable, ayurvedic subji with rice

                                                                                                                                                       ~Bon appétit~


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