Relaxation in the woods has healing powers

24 May 2019

Relaxation in the woods reveales healing powers. It’s very calming yet energizing. Regardless of the weather, I am regularly in need of nature. Moments between trees and moss. Without a lot of green in my daily life I feel unwell und somehow unbalanced. 

Forest Therapy

Many people must feel similar, as the natural healing method of wood bathing based on the japanese Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy appeared some time ago. The medicine took benefits of simply being in the forest. Only 20 minutes in the woods, just walking around with open senses, is enough to calm down our nervous system. Bathing in the forest improves our sleep and helps our immune system.

Our time in the woods is a form of downshifting, or slowing down. It’s the time to experience our surroundings again, with all our senses. We get entertained by nature as we need to process the huge variety of new sensations. Thus this activity is not stressful for our brain, quit contrary it’s calming us.

Enjoying my time in the woods 

Me as a city person, I enjoy every moment in nature. I probably enjoy it even more than people who live at the countryside. It’s mind opening to inhale the fresh, spicy air from the trees. Figuratively I bath my body in the mild shimmering light that is dancing trough the trees. I love observing tree tops how they softly sway in the wind. What I love the most is feeling the soft forest floor underneath my feet and how the floor absorbs each and every step of mine. Being in the woods has it’s own magic for me therefore I love being among trees.  It’s doing me good as it is relaxing. The woods center me and I find back the ground underneath my feet. 


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