Timeout at lake Chiemsee

8 June 2019

It’s Chiemsee Chilling Time. Do you need a break from the busy city life? Well, come with me and we are going on a little vacation to the so called Bavarian seaside. We finally can calm down, breath trough and relax. Enjoy your timeout at lake Chiemsee

Are you traveling from Vienna? It will take you only 3.5 hours by train to reach the village of Prien which is directly situated at the lake. From there you can take a boat to reach further destinations such as the Fraueninsel (Island of Women). Certainly Austria has a lot of beautiful lakes too but a timeout at lake Chiemsee is something different. The lake is huge, the water is clear and for me a huge benefit: the bathing areas are free of charge. You just pay for the parking. The pure holiday feeling and time for refilling your batteries. Lake Chiemsee should definitively be ranked highly on your favorite holiday destination list. 

Timeout at the Bavarian Sea

Relaxation, listening to the birds chirping, clear water and fresh and clean air. Finally time to rest, to calm down, to get centered, to enjoy the country life. Let your spirits flow, while having your legs dangle over the water. Sitting on the little pier, feeling the sun rays dancing on your skin and in the evening getting refreshed by the little cool breeze coming from the lake. A flashback of childhood memories. Summertime was lovely back then. Not much was needed. Just summer, sun, water, friends and having a good time. 

Chiemsee fine Dining und Sleepover

When I was at lake Chiemsee with my boyfriend, we stayed in a retro apartment in the little village of Breitbrunn. On our search for food we stumbled upon a location that reminded us on hipster places in Berlin, Munich or Vienna. Pura  ist the name of the restaurant that serves vegetarian and vegan food. Our favorite was the Le Monaco Burger. The bun is made out of 100% organic spelt flour and is topped with grilled goat cheese, sweet potatoes, a wild herb salad, radicchio, walnuts and apricot-fig chutney. Delicious. Next to the restaurant you can find a show with a small variety of local products.  

Voice Training on the Island of Women

When I visited lake Chiemsee alone some years before, I stayed at the “Fraueninsel” to take part in a Kristin Linklater Voice training. I booked a room at the Abbey of the Benedictines of Frauenwörth and enjoyed next to my training talking to wonderful people and hanging out at the lake during the early morning and evening hours. It’s so quiet and calming without the hustle of the daily tourists. Sitting by the water and observing how the sun slowly melts into the fine line in-between horizon and water. Before the sun finally disappears for this day she sends her last sun rays over to kiss the surface of the lake. For me a pure moment of bliss. Who needs to travel to the Southern Seas, when you can enjoy something like this right around the corner?

Should you come to Frauenwörth cherish yourself with a bred roll filled with the local fish called Renke. It’s delicious.   

Island hopping at lake Chiemsee

Being a classical tourist for one day, you definitively should check out Master Chiemsee (Herreninsel) and walk trough the woods und meadows before reaching the Park of the Bavarian version of the Palace of Versailles.  

Historical facts and so 

The so called Fairy Tale King Ludwig II. was King of Bavaria from 1864 until his death in 1886. 130 years ago he bought himself the “Master Island” (Herren Chiemsee) with the plan to get himself build a better Palais of Versailles. In only 7 years the castle was finished. You must consider that first ships had to be build that were able to transport materials for the construction, on the island.      

Timeout and refresh at Chiemsee  

It’s too hot in the city or you just need a little break from the city life? Do yourself a favor and hope on the next train in direction of Chiemsee. Albeit for a short period, it’s enough for a change of your routine. What can you expect?  


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